Welcome to your Oprema DHSA v5

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What is the maximum supported transmission distance of HDCVI on RG6 Coaxial Cable?
What is the recommended maximum CAT5 / CAT6 cable length?
What is the default IP address of a Dahua NVR / DVR ?
Which is the correct default port numbers?
How many watts can a 16CH port PoE NVR provide?
How many AMP’s is required for a Dahua 12V camera?
Which is the easiest method of remote viewing?
The built-in switch on a NVR has the facility to support how many PoE++ devices
What substream is needed for a 1Mbps upload connection?
What is the correct definition of “Video Tampering”?
What is the default IP address range given from the NVR’s PoE ports?
What is the name of the viewing application for computers that Dahua uses?
What is the name of the feature that will trigger an alarm if you take something away?
Abnormal shut downs of the unit commonly damages which component?
What is the largest microSD card that can be installed in a cameras head?
What is the name of the mobile APP Dahua uses for a Apple phone ?
What does D.O.R.I Stand for?
When is U.K. Daylight Savings Time?
XML Resetting can only be done on?
H.265 saves you how much storage and bandwidth than H.264?